Suggestions and complaints

BTA keeps working to improve the quality of activities of an agent and customer service and to widen the range of services. Your opinion helps us improve, that is why we appreciate your feedback.

You can submit your proposals and complaints in the following ways:

  1. Verbally
    • by phone +372 5 68 68 668 or by visiting any BTA customer service centre
  2. In writing
    • At the website section Proposals and Complaints (see the notification form below)
    • By e-mail
    • By fax +372 68 68 062
    • By sending a letter by post to the following address: Lõõtsa 2B, Tallinn 11415, Estonia

We will consider all your messages as soon as possible and respond to you within 10 working days. In case we need more time to respond, you will be notified of another term of response, though no longer than 30 days. 
Complaint handling procedure for Agents

If you have the information on our wrongdoings with potential threat to the public, please inform us writing an email to the address:

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