Health Insurance

Do you want to get advantage recruiting a new specialist and to raise your employees work satisfaction?

Our health is the very foundation on which we build our plans for the future.
Only healthy person can be happy and work efficiently.
Health Insurance – is not a fancy article, but a necessity, labor ability and life quality warranty.
Take care of your company productivity and insure your employees in BTA!

BTA Health Insurance provides faster and accessible medical help that also covers paid medical services.

By purchasing BTA Health Insurance you also get:

  • Individual approach to each customer – we offer the health insurance policy protection based on the needs and possibilities of a particular company;
  • Widest list of risks and additional risks – to basic outpatient and inpatient services you could also add dentistry, outpatient recovery, medication and optic cost coverages;
  • Easy and fact claims handling – over 80% of cases are being handled during one business day;
  • Territory of coverage: Baltic states – our Health insurance can be used in Estonia, but also in Latvia and Lithuania;
  • Additional discounts for other insurance products – discounts up to 15% for Assistance, Property, CASCO and Accident insurance;
  • Insurer with over 25 years of experience in Health insurance.

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What is staff health insurance?

Health insurance the most valuable bonus for the employees offered by the employers in the labor market within the framework of social guarantee, motivation and loyalty promotion programs.

At their own discretion, employers can include in the BTA health insurance policy protection mandatory health examinations, patient contribution and paid medical services compensation both in outpatient and inpatient institutions, optics acquisition, dental service compensation, rehabilitation and other medical service compensation.

For staff, a health insurance policy is important financial support not only taking care of their health on a daily basis, but also a guarantee that, in the event of serious illness, they will not have to ask for financial help from their employer to cover the medical expenses.

What tax relief can the company receive?

Based on Income Tax Law effective from 01.01.2018 an Employer, also concluding Health Insurance agreements, is exempt from the fringe-benefit tax for costs up to 100 euros a quarter (400 euros a year)

What services can be included in BTA staff health insurance?

Each employer can choose, based on what the employer expects and can afford – to what extent to include various services; for instance, he can include partially or completely compensated paid medical services, can set a particular limit or amount to what extent certain services included in the policy can be used, etc.

Basic Programs:

  • Ambulatory diagnostics and treatment
  • Outpatient paid services
  • Vaccination
  • Home visits
  • Outpatient rehabilitation
  • Inpatient diagnostics and treatment
  • Inpatient paid services
  • Emergency service
  • Paid childbirth (services related to pregnancy and childbirth)

Additional Programs:

  • Purchase of medicaments
  • Optics
  • Dentistry
  • Inpatient rehabilitation

Ways to acquire the policy

If you want to acquire the staff health insurance, you can contact us in the following ways:

  • by filling in the application form on the BTA homepage – a BTA expert will contact you, acquire detailed required information, prepare the insurance proposal and send it to your e-mail address;
  • by calling BTA Customer support 568 68 668;
  • by sending a n e-mail to BTA Customer Service Centre by e-mail or Skype: bta_kindlustus;
  • by visiting the BTA office;
  • by contacting an insurance broker who is a partner of BTA.

Insurance service information documents

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Insurance service information document


Insurance Terms and Conditions

Health Insurance Terms and Conditions‚Äč  
Conditions no. 3.2-2.
(Valid from 01.03.2019)
Conditions no. 3.2-1.
(Valid from 02.01.2018)