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What to do in the event of an accident?


Take pictures of your vehicle and other damaged objects at the accident site and if you are on the road, also take pictures of traffic signs. If necessary, call the emergency centre on 112. If you need car assistance, you can conveniently order it here.


Call us at the round-the-clock customer support number +372 5 68 68 668 or report damage by sending an e-mail to or filling in an application


We will advise you on the paperwork and select a suitable cooperation partner, where we will tow your vehicle free of charge if necessary.


The cooperation partner assesses the damage to the vehicle and forwards the materials necessary for making a decision to the insurance provider.


The cooperation partner takes care of your vehicle. If you wish, a replacement vehicle will be issued to you during the repair work

Additional information and claim documents

The deductible does not need to be paid in the event of collision with an animal if this is the first such case during the term of the policy. There is also no deductible in the event of repair or replacement of interior glasses. You can also add risk to Casco Insurance so you do not need to pay the deductible if you have caused a traffic accident. It is assumed that the claim has been correctly processed at the accident site and you have not previously received free self-handling during the policy - it can be used only once during the policy.

To use the Road Assistance service, call +372 5 68 68 668. If you need car assistance, you can conveniently order it here. You can also read about BTA Road Assistance here.

In the event of an accident with a large animal, call the Environmental Information hotline on 1313. In the event of an accident with a small animal, call the Road Information hotline on 1510. After this, you should definitely call your insurance provider.

If an unknown person has caused damage, the police must be notified. After notifying the police, be sure to inform your insurance provider.

Be sure to contact a glass service even if the chip is small. Cracks can develop quickly from a chip - just a small change in temperature is enough for the windshield to develop much more damage than a small chip. BTA's cooperation partners are able to repair the windshield quickly and it is not necessary to replace the windshield.

The deductible must be paid directly to the repair shop after the repair work has been carried out.



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Insured risks

We indemnify in BTA traffic damage caused by the party who has taken out motor insurance and the cost of medical treatment for third parties (owners of other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians) and damage to property of third parties.


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