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Motor and Casco insurance in minutes!

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Why choose Motor and Casco insurance together

Motor insurance alone is not enough!

Motor insurance is a compulsory insurance policy that covers the other party to the accident if you are responsible for causing the accident. Damage to your own vehicle is covered by Casco insurance.

Full insurance is simple and profitable!

You will save time and money if you buy Casco and motor insurance together. Additional cover you choose yourself!

Casco and Motor insurance together won't leave you walking on the sidewalk!

The insurance bundle makes sure that in case of accident a 24/7 solution from BTA insurance is just a call away!

BTA Casco's wide range of additional protections includes, among others


Deductible free claim handling


Replacement vehicle insurance


Repair at the manufacturer's authorized dealer repairshop

Additional information and insurance terms

With BTA traffic insurance, we indemnify damages caused to others by your vehicle in accordance with the provisions of the Traffic Insurance Act.
The sum insured per insured event occurred in Estonia is 1 200 000 euros in the case of material damage and 5,600,000 euros in the case of personal injury.

For vehicles with a registration weight not exceeding 3500 kg, BTA Road Assistance services are free of charge in Casco, but by purchasing only Traffic Insurance, you can also choose the BTA Road Assistance service.

BTA Autoabi is only a phone call away 24 hours a day. Call +372 5 68 68 668 if you need:
Telephone consultation
Technical and start-up assistance
Helping out of sand, mud or snow
Delivery of motor fuel
Back-up key retrieval
Tire change
Blocked doors opening
Vehicle transportation (evacuation)
Taxi service
Replacement car
Assistance in filling in the accident report form

Call our customer service on +372 5 68 68 668 if there is an accident on the road and you need help solving the problems mentioned above.

The coverage of the Motor Insurance policy is valid in the Republic of Estonia and the Contracting States of the European Economic Area.
The contracting countries of the European Economic Area are currently: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, the United Kingdom.

When concluding Casco Insurance policy, the following territories can be selected:
Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland)
European Union
European Union with Russia (European part), Belarus and Ukraine
Policies purchased via the Internet are valid in Europe. If you want to purchase a policy with coverage in another territory, please contact our customer service by calling +372 5 68 68 668 or sending an e-mail to

The Green Card is an international document that confirms the existence of Motor Insurance when traveling abroad. The green card is only required if you want to travel to the following countries: Albania, Andorra, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Iran, Macedonia, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine. The Green Card is issued free of charge for the duration of the policy.
From 1 July 2020, in the case of insurance protection concluded by BTA, a Green Card will be sent with the concluded policy. If you would like to receive a Green Card for a previously concluded policy, please contact us by calling +372 5 68 68 668 or sending an e-mail to A previously issued Green Card does not need to be replaced, you can travel with it without any trouble.

In taking care of the security of the customer's car, we evaluate its anti-theft equipment and systems before concluding a Casco Insurance policy.

When insuring the vehicle, you must have two keys with a factory immobilizer and two alarm control systems. The alarm must be audible and visual and respond to the opening of the doors, bonnet and luggage compartment.

Certain models and brands, as well as exclusive and expensive cars, require an additional anti-theft device. These are, for example, a secret switch, an additional immobilizer, a radio tracking/tracing system.

If you have additional questions, please contact our customer service by calling +372 5 68 68 668 or sending an e-mail to

When traveling for business or pleasure, do not forget:
to take traffic and comprehensive policies with you and check their validity
to find out if the policy area is as required by the laws of the country you are traveling to
that a Green Card must be included if you plan to travel to the following countries: Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Israel, Iran, Macedonia, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine.
If an accident occurs:
call BTA on +372 5 68 68 668
report the accident
request information on claiming damages
request advice on how to proceed in accordance with local laws regarding notifying the circumstances of the accident to the local authorities (police etc.) and preparing other necessary documents

If you have valid Casco Road Assistance, please also inform BTA of the need for car assistance.

The insurance price depends on:
Information on the owner/responsible user obtained from the population register
Insurance history
History of losses
Type and use purpose of transport
Technical characteristics of the vehicle

Insurance service information document
MTPL insurance terms and conditions
Terms and conditions No. GC 2019.0
effective as of 01.07.2019

Traffic insurance law
Traffic insurance law
effective as of 01.01.2015 (in estonian)

Road Assistance Terms and Conditions
Terms and conditions No. EE-15
effective as of 01.10.2014 (in estonian)

General Insurance Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions No. GC 2019.0
effective as of 01.07.2019

Terms and Conditions No. GC-2012
effective as of 01.12.2011 till 30.06.2019

Insurance service information documents

Casco Insurance Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions No. A6.2023.01
effective as of 12.07.2023

Casco Insurance Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions No. A6-03
effective as of 10.06.2020 until 11.07.2023

Terms and Conditions No. A6-02
effective as of 01.02.2011 till 09.06.2020 (in estonian)

General Insurance Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions No. GC 2019.0
effective as of 01.07.2019

Terms and Conditions No. GC-2012
effective as of 01.12.2011 till 30.06.2019



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Deductible Casco
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Insured risks

We indemnify in BTA traffic damage caused by the party who has taken out motor insurance and the cost of medical treatment for third parties (owners of other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians) and damage to property of third parties.




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