Property Insurance

Your home is insured, but not only!

BTA home insurance insured your home and home contents against various risks.
  • Buildings and structures up to 20 m2 in size are also insured for up to 15,000 euros alongside the building.
  • Built-in furniture and integrated kitchen appliances are also insured.
  • All fire safety installations that service the building or the apartment are insured.
  • Solar panels and other structures located on the plot can also be insured as structures.
  • Portable property, e.g. phone or laptop, photography equipment, etc., is insured.

24/7 property assistance package

Need urgent help? We’re here to help you!
Locksmith, plumber, handyman, lock assistance, etc.
Physical security of the property
The sooner help arrives, the smaller the damage

How much are your gadgets worth?

BTA Property insurance covers your smart devices both in and outside your home.
Gadgets are insured irrespective of where they were purchased
Insure your property, both at home and in the cottage
Secure your home with wider coverage

Liability insurance protects you if your or your family members have caused damage to others.

It may happen that
A water pipe breaks in your apartment and the leaking water damaged the apartments below yours.
Ice or snow etc. falling from your roof injures a pedestrian or a vehicle.
A passerby slips and injures themselves on the street in front of your building.

Additional information and insurance terms

1. When insuring, choose All-risk Insurance that provides the widest insurance cover.
2. Choose a sufficient sum to insure your home property with according to its value.
3. Choose additional cover for portable property: home property insurance cover outside the place of residence.
4. When living on higher floors, choose a bigger sum of insured liability insurance to cover all claims for the apartments below in case of accident.
5. Read the insurance terms and conditions and ask customer service if necessary.

You can insure:
- residential and outbuildings;
- apartments and apartment ownerships;
- domestic property, i.e. movable property located at the place of insurance.

In the case of a building or apartment, the insured object is its structural elements and other important parts, e.g. interior decoration, technical systems, built-in furniture, etc. In the case of household property, the insured object is furniture, household appliances, clothes, leisure equipment, etc.

The place of insurance is a building located at the address specified in the insurance contract.
Home property (movable property located at the place of insurance) can also be insured outside the place of insurance within Estonia or another territory.

Insurance service information documents

Home insurance terms and conditions
All risks insurance

Terms and conditions No. EE01NA-1
effective as of 16.06.2021
Terms and conditions No. EE1E-2
effective as of 20.12.2016 till 15.06.2021

Terms and conditions No. EE1E-1
effective as of 17.06.2014 till 19.12.2016

Named perils insurance
Terms and conditions No. EE1F-2
effective as of 20.12.2016 till 15.06.2021

Terms and conditions No. EE1F-1
effective as of 17.06.2014 till 19.12.2016

Terms and conditions No. 3D-1
effective as of 14.12.2010 till 16.06.2014 (in estonian)

General Insurance Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions No. GC 2019.0
effective as of 01.07.2019

Terms and Conditions No. GC-2012
effective as of 01.12.2011 till 30.06.2019

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