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Unfortunately, we cannot always avoid accidents, such as fire, natural disasters, thieves, or irresponsible neighbours. Your home may be instantly damaged or completely destroyed in an accident. A thoughtful owner insures their property! Home and property insurance will protect you from unnecessary worries and expenses in unexpected situations, and help you get back to your normal pace of life quicker.


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Why choose BTA Home insurance?

Our advantages:

  • We offer individual approach to each client by offering insurance solutions designed to clients needs and wishes.
  • The basic solution of our home insurance fulfils all requirements of financing institutions;
  • It is possible to select all risk product which insures all property losses that are not especially excluded (portable property with the selected limits and other);
  • It is possible to build up your home insurance solution by selecting additional risks and covers to the basic risks;
  • also as an additional product we provide general liability insurance both for homeowners and extended general liability which provides cover also for family members and pet activities.
  • we offer cover for temporary housing rental costs.
  • We offer quick and client-oriented claims handling.
  • In case of small damage, which qualifies for fast claims handling procedure, you will be able to receive your indemnity already on the same day or within just a few days.

What property can be insured?

We insure all types of immovable property:

  • apartments;
  • residential buildings, including amenities, such as fences, gates, sheds, paths, etc.;
  • auxiliary buildings (household buildings, garages, bath-houses, etc.).

Insurance of a building or an apartment includes insurance of the external and internal finish, household utilities (pipelines, wiring, heating, ventilation, and conditioning systems, etc.) as well as other integral parts of your home.

Homes can also be insured for the time of repairs, reconstruction, or building operations.

We offer insurance for the following belongings or movable property, either in addition to immovable property insurance or separately:

  • electric appliances (audio, video, or TV technology, photo and cinema systems, means of communication, household appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, stoves, steam exhaust fans, washing machines, dryers, etc.);
  • computers and their accessories (tabletops, laptops, portable computers, tablets, monitors, printers, scanners, computer audio systems, external memory units, modems, etc.);
  • furniture (tables, chairs, cupboards, including built-in furniture, working tables, etc.);
  • interior and household items (carpets, curtains, cutlery, tableware, lamps, decorative items, household items, work tools, etc.);
  • sports and recreation items (bicycles, exercising equipment, skis, snowboards, roller-skates, musical instruments, fishing items, etc.);
  • footwear, clothing, and accessories (all types of clothing, including furs, wrist watches, spectacles, jewellery, etc.);
  • other items.

What risks can a property be insured against?

The risks listed in the table refer both to immovable and movable property.  
Principal risks:
Risk of fire
Fire, explosion, lightning; a manned aircraft, its parts or cargo falling from height.
Leakage of liquid or fumes
Accidents in internal (water supply, heating) systems, outflow of water due to the failure of household appliances (washing machine, dishwasher), outflow of water from the internal water network or its parts.
Damage caused by natural disasters
Storm, hail, damages caused by snow or fallen trees.
Unlawful activities of third party persons
Vandalism, burglary, robbery, collision with a land vehicle.
Any other event not mentioned as an exception in the terms and conditions
Example: a hole is punched in a wall while moving a sofa, or the client trips over something and tips over and damages a TV set.

We offer insurance against the following additional risks for extra safeguarding:
€ - at an additional charge
Natural flood
Natural flood, i.e. extraordinary natural rise of the water level (due to a storm, precipitation or other natural phenomenon), which has brought about an unusual amount of water that cannot be absorbed in the ground or by the drainage system.
Earthquake that measures at least 4.0 on the Richter scale.
Rental costs of temporary residence
If, in the case of an insured event, insured property is destructed or damaged to the extent that it can be no longer used for dwelling, the insurer will compensate for the rental costs of temporary residence and the necessary moving costs in equal amount.
Extension of insurance area of home property
Home property of the policyholder and his or her familit members (for example laptop) is covered on territory of Estonia. According to conditions, the husband or wife or life partner and their minor children or dependants are regarded as family members.
Electricity risks
Insurance covers damage caused to home property or devices of the building, if it is caused for example by power interruption due to an accident without being notified of in advance, the effect of electric current.
Key service
Insurance covers costs of key service, incurred by lock pinch-off, replacement or repair, when the lawful owner of an insured residence cannot enter the room due to a lost or damaged key or locking system.
Civil Liability insurance
Liability insurance provides insurance coverage as required by a Third party, when the Insured person or Co-insured person has caused or is responsible for the damage according to the law and the claim is causally connected to the possession of the property mentioned in the insurance contract.

Extended civil liability insurance also provides an Insured person - Insured person’s wife or her husband or life partner, their minor children and dependants, in addition to civil liability insurance, with insurance coverage in the territory of the Republic of Estonia in relation to all damage culpably caused to Third party.
Foundations with the limit of 3000€ and up to 15m2 are automatically insured together with a building.

What is the insurance territory?

  • Private Insurance is valid in the territory of the Republic of Estonia;
  • Based on customer preferences and requests, we also offer belongings and home property insurance outside the Republic of Estonia.

Ways to purchase a policy

BTA policies can be purchased in the following ways:

  • by filling out an application form on BTA website; BTA specialist will contact you to find out detailed information, prepare the insurance offer and send it to the e-mail address indicated by you;
  • by calling BTA Customer Support Service at (+372) 5 68 68 668. It is possible to pay for the insurance policy during the phone call;
  • by contacting BTA Customer Support Service by e-mail: bta@bta.ee or skype: bta_kindlustus
  • by visiting BTA Customer Service Centre in person;
  • by contacting BTA agents;
  • by contacting BTA insurance brokers.

What to do in case of an accident?

In case of an accident, please proceed as follows:

  1. in order to perform the rescue operations as well as to document the circumstances and the cause of the accident, please contact the rescue service by calling 112 in case of following:
    • in case a person has suffered;
    • in case of fire;
    • in case of gas leakage;
    • in case there is a probability that the accident has been caused by activities of other individuals.
      In case of fluid or steam leakage, please report to the manager of the building (if applicable);
  2. to the extent possible, without exposing yourself to danger, take every effort to save the property and preclude further damage;
  3. to the extent possible after the completion of the rescue operations, try to keep the site of the accident intact and preserve the remains of the damaged insured object;
  4. as soon as possible, please contact BTA Customer Service by calling (+372) 5 68 68 668 to receive instructions on how to proceed and to register your insured event [link to Submit claim].

Insurance service information documents

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Insurance service information document


Insurance terms and conditions

Home insurance terms and conditions  
All risks insurance  
Terms and conditions No. EE1E-2
(effective as of 20.12.2016)
Terms and conditions No. EE1E-1
(effective as of 17.06.2014)
Named perils insurance  
Terms and conditions No. EE1F-2
(effective as of 20.12.2016)
Terms and conditions No. EE1F-1
(effective as of 17.06.2014)
Terms and conditions No. 3D-1
(effective as of 14.12.2010)  in estonian
General insurance terms and conditions  
Terms and conditions No. GC 2019.0
(effective as of 01.07.2019)
Terms and conditions No. GC-2012
(effective as of 01.12.2011)