Contact information

You can contact BTA Customer Support Service:

  • by phone +372 5 68 68 668
  • by writing an or (claims related info)
  • by means of the BTA mobile application
  • Skype  bta_kindlustus
  • through social networks 
  • through Viber  and WhatsApp 
  • using the chat window in BTA website

Travel accident related calls after official workhours (08:00- 18:00) are answered in English or in Russian. Vehicle assistance is offered 24/7 by BTA Estonia partner. To reach our partner, please call our customer support (5 68 68 668).

Apply for a call from BTA

In case the telephone line is busy and you cannot wait for the connection is made, request a BTA-call-back on our website and we will call you as soon as possible:

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How Customer support service can help You?

By contacting us, you can:

  • receive a comprehensive information about BTA and insurance services,
  • obtain all types of insurance policies quickly and easily and make payment for a policy even during the telephone conversation,
  • find out the expiry date of the policy, insurance terms and conditions and options of use,
  • get advice about what to do in a case of occurrence of an insured event,
  • make an insurance claim,
  • in some cases, receive insurance indemnity even during the telephone conversation,
  • call the BTA Assistance service to the road traffic accident site,
  • find out information about points earned under the customer loyalty programme and ways to make use of them.

Get the information you need in an SMS

We can send the information you need, such as address, business hours and telephone number a particular BTA Customer service centre or a contractual partner institution under healthcare insurance, in an SMS. You may find it particularly handy if you, say, are driving a car and cannot take down the necessary information.