MTPL Roadside Assistance

When on road, everyone can run into a technical problem – either you suddenly cannot start your vehicle, the door is blocked or another technical problem. To avoid unnecessary worries in these kind of situations, when buying the BTA MTPL policy, we offer to purchase an additional service “MTPL Roadside Assistance” and at any time of day, regardless of your location – Tallinn, elsewhere in Estonia or Europe, we will provide the necessary assistance on the road!


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Why to chose BTA “Roadside assistance” service?

Our advantages:

  • We provide 24-hour assistance on the road regardless of your location – Tallinn, elsewhere in Estonia or Europe;
  • The service Roadside Assistance can be bought together with MTPL policy even if you have not purchased CASCO policy.

What type of help is provided within “MTPL Roadside Assistance”?

We provide the following help:
24-Hour assistance and consultations
Technical assistance on the road
  In case you cannot continue your trip due to an accident, we will provide help to identify the problem and perform  the following feasible road-side repairs:
  • replace a damaged wheel with the spare wheel that you have in your car;
  • start the engine with jump leads;
  • solve problems with the anti-theft equipment;
  • open locked doors;
  • defrost door locks;
  • unblock the automatic gear box;
  • fix leaks in the cooling system and refill the antifreeze;
  • tension the engine belt;
  • perform other on-the-road repairs.
Labour is free of charge, although the cost of materials used for the repairs is charged separately.
Fuel delivery
  The delivery is free of charge, although you will have to pay for the fuel itself.
Transportation to a service center
  If you cannot continue the trip due to an accident and the damage cannot be repaired on-the-road, we will provide the transportation of  your car to the nearest service centre. If your car has the manufacturer’s warranty, we will take it to the nearest dealer’s service centre during the working hours of the dealer’s service centre and outside the working hours – to the nearest guarded parking place of the dealer’s service centre.
Taxi services
  If you cannot continue the trip with your car and the Auto assistance service has towed it away, we will transport you and your passengers to the selected place within a 30 km distance from the place of accident. The maximum number of persons thus carried - 9.
Car rental
  If your car has been towed away and is being repaired, within one day we will replace it with a lease car until the problem, keeping your car off road, is solved. The lease car is provided free of charge for up to 2 days. The class of a rental car is determined in accordance with the class and equipment of your car; however, it will not be higher than compact class.
Filling in the coordinated accident statement
  In case you have a minor traffic accident, and the circumstances according the Road Traffic Regulations allow producing the agreed statement of facts, then call +372 5686 8668 and receive guidance on how to fill in the agreed accident statement. In case of necessity,we will also help you with filling in the statement on site.

Who can purchase the service “MTPL Roadside Assistance”?

The service “MTPL Roadside Assistance” can be bought by vehicle owners whose vehicles’ gross weight does not exceed 3500 kg.

What is the territory of validity for the service “MTPL Roadside Assistance”?

BTA provides Roadside Assistance services in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Nethwerlands, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden


Ways of purchasing the service

BTA Roadside Assistance can be purchased only together with MTPL policies with period 1 year.

BTA policies can be purchased in the following ways:

  • by filling out an application form on BTA website; BTA specialist will contact you to find out detailed information, prepare the insurance offer and send it to the e-mail address indicated by you;
  • by calling BTA Customer Support Service at (+372) 5 68 68 668. It is possible to pay for the insurance policy during the phone call;
  • by contacting BTA Customer Support Service by e-mail: or skype: bta_kindlustus
  • by visiting BTA Customer Service Centre in person;
  • by contacting BTA agents;
  • by contacting BTA insurance brokers.

What to do if you need help in case of an accident?

In case of some mishap or a traffic accident that requires the help included in Roadside Assistance, immediately contact BTA Customer Support Service at (+372) 5 68 68 668 and we will organize the necessary help.

Insurance service information documents

  PDF E-doc
Insurance service information document


Insurance terms and conditions

Roadside assistance terms and conditions  
Terms and conditions No. EE-15
(effective as of 01.10.2014) in estonian
General insurance terms and conditions​  
Terms and conditions No. GC 2019.0
(effective as of 01.07.2019)
Terms and conditions No. GC-2012
(effective as of 01.12.2011)