Our car helps us accomplish and manage incredibly much. The value of the car is appreciated especially at the moments when something bad happens, for example, a falling branch damages the windshield, you accidentally scratch the car, or some other mishap occurs. Take care of your car and protect yourself from unforeseen expenses by purchasing CASCO insurance. We offer a wide range of insurance protection, favourable conditions, professional service and additional bonuses!

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Why choose BTA CASCO?

Our advantages:

  • For vehicles with registration mass not exceeding 3,500 kg, BTA also offers BTA’s Road Assistance free of charge.
  • Full risk insurance covers any unexpected and unforeseen damages to the vehicle, including traffic accidents, natural disasters, fire, vandalism, theft, robbery, except for exclusions in clause 2.3 of Terms of Vehicle Insurance.
  • Fast and comfortable damage reporting – just give us a call. In case of traffic damage, there is no need to show the vehicle to BTA claim handling department, you can just go to the repair service.
  • Purchase Value Insurance – for vehicles that were not registered later than 1 year ago and that have a mileage of less than 30,000 km, BTA will indemnify the sum equal to the purchasing price of an equivalent new vehicle in case of an insurance claim.
  • A 0% deductible is ensured for glass damage: BTA is the first in Estonia to indemnify, in addition to the windshield and windows, damages to mirrors and lights with 0% deductible – costs related to changing glasses of lights and mirrors (without housing) due to damage caused by falling of a stone or other object. Sunroof and roof doors are not considered to be glass.
  • BTA will indemnify transportation and towing costs of a vehicle for up to 10% of the sum insured.
  • The widest selection of additional risk insurances – in addition to full coverage insurance, BTA offers the widest selection of additional risk insurances in Estonia.
  • BTA is the only one in Estonia to offer additional protection as part of BTA’s liability insurance to their customers that includes covering legal costs to other parties and/or insurance companies.
  • Additional insurance for keys and/or documents – on additional agreement, BTA is the only one to indemnify the theft of a vehicle even if you do not have all the required documentation or keys. Deductible is 50% of the damage.
  • Insurance sum for additional equipment that was installed after the first sale is 1 300 €.
  • The limit of indemnity for additional equipment installed by the manufacturer is up to 20% of the insurance sum of the vehicle.

Against what risks can a vehicle be insured?

Destruction of the vehicle
If the prevention of damage created as a result of any of the risks mentioned in CASCO rules exceeds 70% of the actual value of the vehicle at the moment of the occurrence of the insurance event.
Risk of burglary
Robbery of the vehicle or an attempt to steal the vehicle connected with violence or threats of violence.
Risk of theft
Secret or public vehicle theft or an attempt of theft if the vehicle has been moved from its place of parking.
Risk of traffic accident
A collision with another vehicle, obstacle, pedestrian, animal or other object in traffic or other place where driving is possible, as well as the rollover, falling (e.g. from a bridge, etc.), sinking or breaking through the ice of a vehicle in motion.
Risk of fire
The impact of fire, smoke, soot and extinguishing operations on the vehicle
Risk of natural disasters
Damage of the vehicle caused by storm, flood, lightning and hail, as well as the damage caused by falling objects created by the impact of these natural disasters.
Risk of glass breakage
Mechanical damage of the glass of the windows of the vehicle
Risk of animals
Compensated will be damage, which is caused by collision with an animal.
Risk of falling objects
Damage caused by falling objects.
Risk of illegal activities of third parties
The destruction, damage, theft of parts or additional equipment of the vehicle carried out by third parties.
Replacement value insurance
In case of vehicle theft, burglary or destruction the compensation of the losses will be equal to the value of a new, equivalent vehicle; the insurance is in force if the time period since the first day of registration of the vehicle does not exceed 1 years and the kilometrage does not exceed 30 000 km.
Luggage insurance
It is possible to insure luggage which is transported in vehicle.
Insurance of lease payments
We indemnify leasing payments up to 3 months if legal holder of the vehicle - lessee starts ambulatory or inpatient treatment and will be incapable of work due to bodily injuries obtained as a result of an insured event for more than 7 (seven) consecutive days.
Additional free coverage "Roadside Assistance" providing such assistance in unforeseen circumstances on the road:
24 Hour Assistance  
Technical Assistance on the Road
If you can not continue your trip due to an accident, BTA Assistance service will help you – a professional will consult you on the damage and will perform the following on-the-road repairs:
  • will replace the damaged wheel with the spare wheel that you have in your car
  • will start the engine with jump leads
  • will solve problems with the anti-theft equipment
  • will open locked doors
  • will unfreeze the door locks
  • will unblock the automatic gear box
  • will fix leaks in the cooling system and refill the antifreeze
  • will tension the engine belt
  • and perform other on-the-road repairs.
Labour is free of charge, but the materials used for the repairs are charged separately.
Delivery of Fuel
The delivery is free of charge, but you will have to pay for the fuel.
Transportation to a Service Center
If you can not continue the trip due to an accident and the damage can not be repaired on-the-road, BTA Assistance service will transport your car to the nearest service centre. If your car has the manufacturer’s warranty, during the working hours of the dealer’s service centre we will take it to the nearest dealer’s service centre and outside the working hours – to the nearest guarded parking place of the dealer’s service centre.
Taxi Services
If you can not continue the trip with your car and the auto assistance service has towed it away, we will transport you and your passengers to the selected place within the 60 km distance from the place of accident. The maximum number of persons to be carried – 9.
Car Rental
If your car has been towed away by the BTA Assistance service and it is being repaired, within one day we will replace it with the lease car until the problem, which is keeping your car off the road, is solved. The lease car is provided free of charge for up to 3 days. The class of a rental car is determined in accordance with the class and equipment of your car; however, it will not be higher than compact class.
Filling in the Coordinated Accident Statement
In case you have had a minor roar traffic accident, and the circumstances according the Road Traffic Regulations allow producing the agreed statement of facts, then call +372 5686 8668 and receive guidance on how to fill in the agreed accident statement. In case of necessity, BTA Assistance service will also help you with filling the statement on site.
For additional cost such risks can be insured as well:      
Prevented usage insurance
During the repairs of your car, you may receive a substitute rental car.
Insurance of lease value
In case of an insured event insurance of the lease value will compensate the residual value of a leasing vehicle.

What is the insurance territory?

The territory of validity of the CASCO policy can be chosen according to one’s own wishes and needs:

  • Estonia,
  • Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland),
  • European Union
  • CIS, including the European part of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova

What do you need to know before travelling abroad?

When travelling abroad:

  • Take the printouts of CASCO policy and MTPL policy with you and make sure to check if they are still in force.
  • Also find out if their region of validity matches the requirements set by the legislation of the country you will be traveling to.

If an accident occurs:

  • Call BTA at +372 5 68 68 668 and report the incident.
  • Ask for information about the compensation of damages.
  • Ask for advice on how to behave in accordance with the local laws regarding the notification of circumstances of the accident to the local authorities (police, etc.). Also, ask about other forms you might need.

If you have subscribed to CASCO Roadside Assistance service, you will have to ask for roadside assistance.

Safety requirements

Anti-theft devices and equipment
Taking care of the safety of the customers’ cars, we evaluate the car’s anti-theft devices and equipment before purchasing the CASCO insurance policy.

When insuring a vehicle, you must have two keys with factory immobilizer and two alarm controls. The alarm must have sound and light signals; it has to react to the opening of donors, bonnet, as well as the trunk.

For certain makes and models, as well as for exclusive and expensive cars we might ask to install an additional anti-theft device, for example, the secret switch, additional immobilizer, radio observation/search system.

Additional information on the requirements of the alarm system can be acquired by calling the BTA Customer Support Service at 5 68 68 668 or contacting us by any other means more convenient for you. The means of communication can be found at the section “Contacts”.

Ways to purchase a policy

BTA policies can be purchased in the following ways:

  • by filling out an application form on BTA website; BTA specialist will contact you to find out detailed information, prepare the insurance offer and send it to the e-mail address indicated by you;
  • by calling BTA Customer Support Service at (+372) 5 68 68 668. It is possible to pay for the insurance policy during the phone call;
  • by contacting BTA Customer Support Service by e-mail: or skype: bta_kindlustus
  • by visiting BTA Customer Service Centre in person;
  • by contacting BTA agents;
  • by contacting BTA insurance brokers.

What to do in case of an accident?

In case of a traffic accident, act as follows:

  1. If someone is injured in the accident call emergency telephone number 112 and to the extent possible, give first aid to the injured person.
  2. If nobody has been injured in the traffic accident and only two vehicles are involved in the accident, and both drivers can come to an agreement on the circumstances of the traffic accident, no damage has been done to third party’s property and the vehicles do not have such damage that forbids to drive them, fill out the coordinated accident statement. You must keep a copy of the completed coordinated accident statement so that you could submit it to us.
  3. If there are other conditions that do not allow to fill out the coordinated accident statement, for example, in case three vehicles are involved, calling the traffic police at 112 is obligatory.
  4. For the clarification of the circumstances of a traffic accident photos can be useful as well so, if possible, take photos of the vehicles right after the accident, without changing their location, and, if possible, record the contacts of the eyewitnesses.
  5. Contact BTA Customer Support Service at (+372) 5 68 68 668 as soon as possible in order to inform about the traffic accident, receive instructions for further actions, as well as to claim the insured event.

In case of vehicle theft or other illegal activities of third parties, for example, stolen mirrors of a vehicle, do as follows:

  1. Contact the traffic police by calling 112;
  2. Contact BTA Customer Support Service (+372) 5 68 68 668  as soon as possible in order to inform about the fact of theft, receive instructions for further actions, as well as to claim the insured event.

In case of other misfortune or if you need help on the road, contact BTA Customer Support Service at (+372) 5 68 68 668 as soon as possible in order to inform about the accident, receive instructions for further actions, as well as to claim the insured event.

Insurance service information documents

  PDF E-doc
Insurance service information document


Insurance terms and conditions

CASCO insurance terms and conditions  
Terms and conditions No. A6-03
(effective as of 10.06.2020)
Terms and conditions No. A6-02
(effective as of 01.02.2011) in estonian
General insurance terms and conditions​  
Terms and conditions No. GC 2019.0
(effective as of 01.07.2019)
Terms and conditions No. GC-2012
(effective as of 01.12.2011)