Mobile application

Mobile era in insurance. More freedom! 

Keeping pace with the development of modern technologies, consumer habits and your suggestions, we have developed a mobile application for BTA customer support by providing handy functions and options. New options and functions in your cell to make your day faster and simpler and comfy, wherever you are – 24 hours a day! 

BTA mobile application is your aid in your daily business, as it:

  • suggests an action plan for each particular case of accident
  • provides protection to you while on road, wherever you might happen to be, by finding you on the map
  • provides a possibility to report an accident, send photos and accident related information online,
  • provides an option to use your phone to capture images of accident damage and send them to BTA
  • enables obtaining insurance from any location and any time 24 h a day
  • provides answers to a broad range of insurance related questions
  • provides possibility to identify your location and the nearest car service center,
  • allows you to select your car service centre and get directions to its location,
  • evaluate the performance of Support service and specialists.

Download BTA mobile application to your smartphone now! 


For the easiest download of our application you may use our QR code that will promptly recognize the operating system of your phone and redirect to the particular download site (App Store or Google Play). In case the respective phone operating system does not have an application, a message will pop up it is not available (e.g., with Nokia phones). 

The other option is to open App Store or Google Play in your smartphone and key in the browser search field, for instance, BTA Insurance, and thus find our application. 

BTA application is freeware and now available in iPhone and Android phones (HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and other less widespread ones). At the moment, this application is not functional with Nokia and Blackberry phones. 

Enjoy the freedom provided by mobility and the sense of safety that anything you need is in your pocket!