Commercial property insurance

Unfortunately, we cannot always avoid accidents, such as fire, natural disasters, thieves, or other problems which may affect the company property or belongings as well as cause partial or complete business interruption until the consequences are eliminated. The property may be instantly damaged or completely destroyed in an accident. A thoughtful owner insures their property! Real property and fixed asset insurance will protect against big trouble and expenses in unexpected situations, and help to return to the normal rhythm of work faster in order for the business to go on. We do take care that each of our clients is treated individually, so we will assess the needs of your company, offer favourable terms and conditions, professional service, and bonuses!

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Why choose BTA Commercial property insurance?

Our advantages:

  • We offer individual approach to each client by offering insurance solutions designed to clients needs and wishes.
  • We offer both all risk insurance and named perils insurance thus providing the opportunity to create the needed combination of insured risks, by selecting additional risks to the basic ones.
  • In preparation and pricing of the offer we calculate relevant discounts according to the clients insurance portfolio.
  • We offer quick, flexible and client-oriented claims handling.
  • In case of small damage, which qualifies for fast claims handling procedure, you will be able to receive your indemnity already on the same day or within just a few days.

What property can be insured?

Commercial property insurance covers:

  • buildings with interior decoration and communication systems, for example: non-bearing partition wall, floors, hanging ceiling, floor- and wall covering material, built-in furniture, internal finishing material, in-house doors and windows, sanitary equipment, electric, gas, heating, water, sewer, cooling and fire-extinguishing systems, communication- and alarm systems, of which only the owner/user of insured indoor space is dependent of.
  • structures (e.g. fences, canopies, advertising stands, outdoor lightning, flagpole);
  • inventory and equipment, i.e. commercially used machinery and devices, their accessories and spare parts;
    • office equipment (including computers, servers, copy machines, phone systems, etc.;
    • office furniture and -equipment, tools;
    • advertising materials and product samples;
  • products (including materials, raw materials, half-products, end product and packaging material);
  • parts of buildings that are part of co-estate; for example:
    • external fencing of the building (external walls, roof, balconies, outer windows, etc);
    • bearing constructions of the building (foundation, bearing indoor walls, partition ceilings, etc.);
    • commonly used parts of the building (hallways, corridors, basements, attics, elevators, garbage chutes, chimneys, etc.);
    • indoor common heating systems;
    • indoor common water and sewage systems up to the connection with the physical share that will be delimited with a wall, floor or ceiling;
    • indoor gas pipelines in case of a central gas supply;
    • indoor electric systems up to the break contact of physical share;
    • indoor common ventilation, conditioning, fire extinguishing and communication systems.
  • and other property specified in the insurance agreement, for example investments to the building or machinery.

What risks can a property be insured against?

The risks listed in the table refer both to immovable and movable property.

  Main risks policy All risks policy
Main risks:
Risk of fire
  Fire, explosion, lightning (incl. globular lightning), fall of a manned aircraft, its parts or cargo; the insurance coverage also includes damage caused by soot, smoke, and extinguishing, provided that they have been caused by fire.    
Leakage of liquid or fumes
  Liquid or vapour leaks from water, sewerage, heating or fire-protection systems, and from household appliances; pipelines freezing and rupturing inside the building, provided that all technical terms and conditions for using the pipeline were followed in relation to the weather conditions; pipelines freezing and rupturing outside the building, provided that the pipeline
was located in the territory of the insured building and all technical terms and conditions for using the pipeline were followed in relation to the weather conditions.
Damage caused by natural disasters
  Storm and hail  
  Storm, hail, effects of snow as result of heavy snowfall, falling of trees, masts, poles, or their parts.  
Unlawful activities of third party persons
  In the case of unlawful activities of third party persons, the insurer will compensate for the damage caused to the object of insurance in cases of burglary, robbery, vandalism and collision with a land vehicle.
  The coverage includes damage by draught.  
Any other event not mentioned as an exception in the terms and conditions.  
  Example: a hole is punched in a wall while moving a sofa, or the person trips over something and tips over and damages monitor or similar.  
For extra security, we offer insurance against the following additional risks (for an additional charge, any of these risks may also be included in the selected risks policy):
Natural flood
  Natural flood, i.e. extraordinary natural rise of the water level (due to a storm, precipitation or other natural phenomenon), which has brought about an unusual
amount of water that cannot be absorbed in the ground or by the drainage system 
  Earthquake that measures at least 4.0 on the Richter scale     
Electricity risks
  The insurer will compensate for the damage caused by: power interruption; the effect of electric current, incl. damage caused by excess voltage or short circuit; indirect effect of lightning and electrical or magnetic henomena that follow     
Equipment failure
  Sudden and unexpected destruction or damage to the insured equipment, caused by internal breakage or another internal failure.     
Other kinds of insurance cover
  Extension of insurance area of property     
Business Interruption
  The object of insurance is named on the insurance contract: operating profit, permanent costs or expenses, additional costs and other agreed and indicated objects of insurance in the insurance contract.    
No additional charge:
Investments during the period of insurance 
  Investments to the improvements to the building and its interior finishing 10% of the amount of buildings insurance, up to 20 000 EUR    
  Investments in inventory and equipment during the period of insurance is 10% of the amount of insurance cover for
the same group of inventory and equipment, but not more than a total of 20,000 EUR

What is the insurance territory?

  • Commercial Property Insurance is valid in the territory of the Republic of Estonia. 
  • Based on customer preferences and requests, we also offer movable property insurance outside the Republic of Estonia.

Ways to purchase a policy

BTA policies can be purchased in the following ways:

  • by filling out an application form on BTA website; BTA specialist will contact you to find out detailed information, prepare the insurance offer and send it to the e-mail address indicated by you;
  • by calling BTA Customer Support Service at (+372) 5 68 68 668. It is possible to pay for the insurance policy during the phone call;
  • by contacting BTA Customer Support Service by e-mail: or skype: bta_kindlustus
  • by visiting BTA Customer Service Centre in person;
  • by contacting BTA agents;
  • by contacting BTA insurance brokers.

What to do in case of an accident?

In case of an accident, please proceed as follows:

  1. in order to perform the rescue operations as well as to document the circumstances and the cause of the accident, please contact the rescue service by calling 112 in case of following:
    • - in case a person has suffered;
    • - in case of fire;
    • - in case of gas leakage;
    • - in case there is a probability that the accident has been caused by activities of other individuals.
      In case of fluid or steam leakage, please report to the manager of the building (if applicable);
  2. to the extent possible, without exposing yourself to danger, take every effort to save the property and preclude further damage;
  3. to the extent possible after the completion of the rescue operations, try to keep the site of the accident intact and preserve the remains of the damaged insured object;
  4. as soon as possible, please contact BTA Customer Service by calling (+372) 5 68 68 668 to receive instructions on how to proceed and to register your insured event.

How to receive additional information?

If you want to receive additional information please contact BTA Customer Support Service at 5 68 68 668 or by any other means of communication. Other means of communication can be found in the section “Contacts”.

Insurance service information documents

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Insurance service information document


Insurance terms and conditions

Commercial property insurance terms and conditions  
All risks insurance  
Terms and conditions No. EE1B-1
(effective as of 18.02.2015)
Named perils insurance  
Terms and conditions No. EE1A-1
(effective as of 18.02.2015)
Terms and conditions No. 3C-1E
(effective as of 01.03.2007) in estonian
     + Annexes:
     Terms and conditions No. 3C-1E Annex No. 1
       «glass insurance conditions, effective as of 23.08.2013» in estonian
General insurance terms and conditions  
Terms and conditions No. GC 2019.0
(effective as of 01.07.2019)
Terms and conditions No. GC-2012
(effective as of 01.12.2011)